What People Are Saying About the 2016 Christian Book Lover’s Retreat:

— This was a great gathering. I’m glad the spiritual component was present throughout the weekend even without a ‘sermon’ being preached.

— This has been the best most uplifting, inspirational weekend I’ve ever had. Everything was perfect!

— The activities, fellowship and beautiful sisters were most needed; the painting party was great, please offer it again.

— A very loving and friendly environment, fellowshipped with a beautiful set of women from different states.

— I give the first CBL Retreat a 9.5, looking forward to next year’s retreat because I know it will be a 10! Also, please keep the paint party.

— I felt the CBL Retreat came together great in such a short amount of planning time. I really enjoyed getting to know the authors.

— Great event for Christian women without being too preachy. I enjoyed all of it and the painting party was great.

— Loved the book giveaways and all the prizes.

— The CBL Retreat was everything I imagined and I met my favorite authors… Vanessa Miller, Pat Simmons, and Rhonda McKnight.

— The CBL Retreat was a wonderful experience and I appreciate the planning it took to make it happen.

After attending the Christian Book Lover’s Retreat I immediately went home and started two book clubs, one I am co-hosting. The first one is for older (senior) women that we will do both Christian fiction and nonfiction. The other one is for the younger women (30 & up) in our church. They both start in the new year. And yes, I was inspired to start the book club because of the retreat. I was really impressed with the unity and even the fashion (lol) the women in the book clubs had. I've noticed on Facebook the different functions and even Christmas parties the book club members attended. I love reading and to be able to share it with a bunch of women rather than to tell somebody about the good book I just read is awesome. I'm making new friends and ministering to the younger women (my passion). 2017 will not only be a fantastic year but a very busy one for me and I love it. And I have already registered for the 2017 retreat!  ~ Adrienne

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