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Meet CBLR Authors Who Have Attended

Vanessa Miller Pierce;Retreat Host

Vanessa Miller Pierce

Retreat Host

Jacquelin Thomas;Award Winning Author

Jacquelin Thomas

Award Winning Author

Pat Simmons;Inspirational Author

Pat Simmons

Inspirational Author

Vanessa Riley;Historical Author

Vanessa Riley

Historical Author

Rhonda McKnight;Author & Editor

Rhonda McKnight

Author & Editor

Min. David Pierce;Host of Man Cave/Straight Talk

Min. David Pierce

Host of Man Cave/Straight Talk

Pat G'Orge Walker; Author

Pat G'Orge Walker


Norma Jarret; Author

Norma Jarret


Kendra Norman Holmes; Author

Kendra Norman Holmes


Michelle Stimpson; Author

Michelle Stimpson


Tia McCollors; Author

Tia McCollors


Linda Hargrove

Linda Hargrove


Valerie J Lewis Coleman

Valerie J Lewis Coleman


LaDonna McCann; Author

LaDonna McCann


Michelle Chavis; Author

Michelle Chavis


Velma Bagby; Author

Velma Bagby


Denise Walker; Author

Denise Walker


Joy Massenburge; Author

Joy Massenburge


Thea Casey; Author

Thea Casey


Michelle Watson; Author

Michelle Watson


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What People are Saying about CBLR:

The fellowship is unbelievable.
Vanessa Riley
I have never felt the presence of God so much at a single event outside of church and I have attended a lot of Christian conferences within the area I live.
CBLR Attendee 2018
I saw an advertisement for the Christian Book Lover's Retreat on Facebook and immediately paid the full registration fee before I could change my mind. Not only did I enjoy the retreat. But I have learned so much about myself good and bad. Also, within this week I have had God move in BiG ways.
CBLR Attendee 2018
After attending CBLR, I had a sense of peace that I had not felt prior. I needed those few days of just communing with God and with other Christians. I want to encourage you to continue this work that God has given you. I will be there next year!
CBLR Attendee 2017
I am in awe of this retreat and I felt very honored to be among so many beautiful and talented authors
Author 2017 CBLR
Excellent event, great people! I loved worshipping with others.
Stephanie 2016 CBLR Attendee
I cannot give this retreat a # from 1-10. I will say INFINITY... the goodie bags, the structure of author appearances, the workshops and parties... everything was a blessing.
Laverne 2016 CBLR Attendee
Great event; well attended; lots to do. Yippee! Woohoo! Kudos! Amazing presenters.
Valerie 2016 CBLR Attendee
There were a lot of great things that were planned. All of the speakers were DYNAMIC! This was my first time, but I will definitely be back!
Monica 2017 CBLR
It was not just one "event" that touched my mind and my soul at the retreat. It was the love, friendliness, compassion, togetherness, camaraderie-- I could go on and on. Don't stop! Keep this retreat going. It is truly a blessing.
Felicia 2017 CBLR Attendee

CBLR 2019!


Join us October 22-25, 2020 for our 5th year celebration!


-Author Early Bird Registration begins on January 3, 2020  -Reader Early Bird Registration begins on February 1, 2020



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